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#85  Exfoiliating Coffee Soap  
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Perfect for the cook! Our Coffee Soap will help remove odors from your hands such as onion or garlic. Keep a bar by your kitchen sink and say goodbye to those hard to remove odors. The scrubby coffee grounds and ground flax seed make this soap excellent for gardeners and others who need a little extra something in a hand soap.

But don’t think of our Coffee Soap as just a hand soap! Get that extra pick me up in the morning shower with the rich scent of Turkish Hazelnut coffee. A natural exfoliant, ground coffee sloughs away dead cells.

This is a large bar weighing 5 oz or more and comes wrapped in a coffee themed paper.


Coconut Oil,Sodium Cocoate,Sodium Palmitate,Sodium Laurate, Goats Milk, Sodium Stearate,Glycerin,Sodium Laureth Sulfate,Propylene Glycol,Sucrose,Treiethanolamine,Titanium Dioxide,DMDM Hydantoin,Aqua,Kaolin Clay,coffee grounds, ground flax seed, fragrance oil



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